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Record Shop

We have an incredible stock of dance music, possibly the best in the country!

We are all about nostalgia!

Re-creating the crate digging scene in the 90s where DJs and producers would spend hours digging and talking all things music to a soundtrack of old school music.

From Trance to Happy Hardcore we have all genres of dance music. From rare tracks to popular tracks we have a very diverse dance music selection.

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All records are priced individually and we often put out new stock weekly! The best way to check the latest restocking is through our Facebook page.

Currently we do not sell new music just very high quality second hand stock.


We have many listening decks in the shop so please bring your headphones! We even have house decks for an impromptu mix up. 

Keep an eye out for our event days, often combining beer and burgers with DJs on rotation with all day takeovers. 

We are always on the look out for collections to purchase so please do get in touch, we even offer a finders fee!

Parking is free and plentiful on Saturdays

Rear of Featherstone House

375 High Street Rochester



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